Breaking News: Nollywood Popular Yoruba Actress Funmi Lawal has been Arrested..

The Popular Yoruba Actres Funmi Lawal arrested for Conspiracy to Defame Genesis Global Shepherd Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe.

She was arrested Few hours ago and she is right now at The Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID) Alagbon.. 

Details coming out shortly.


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Concert: Music Super Star Naira Maley, sentenced For violating Covid-19 Regulation

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mobile Court sitting in Abuja on Friday has sentenced the music superstar, Azeez Fashola, aka Naira Marley, for violating COVID-19 Regulation, 2020 made by Presidential Order pursuant to Section 4 of the Quarantine Act, Cap. 02, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

Stop sending me nude photos, I'm fasting – Naira Marley

Naira Marley pleaded guilty to the four count charges pressed on him by the prosecuting team and was fined two hundred thousand naira (N200, 000).

Reading the four count charge, Magistrate Idayat Akanni, ordered Naira Marley to pay 50 thousand naira for each of the counts as well as publish a public apology to the Federal Government of Nigeria in a national daily.

The four count charges include; violating Presidential ban on interstate travelling, not wearing of face mask contrary to the Presidential Order imposing compulsory wearing of face mask by all persons within Abuja the Federal Capital Territory, violating social distance order as well as violating dusk to dawn curfew in the territory.

It could be recalled that on Saturday, June 13, Naira Marley and his crew flew from Lagos State to Abuja to perform at a concert organised at Jabi Lake Mall.

Jabi Lake Mall Board denies authorising Naira Marley concert ...

Reacting to the judgment, the defender’s lawyer, Mohammad Yunusa, said that moving forward, “we will be very detailed and also confirm information given to our clients by people who book him. Like in this instance, we were given the assurance that all the approvals from the government has been procured for him to be in Abuja and at the concert. It was on the strength of the representation that he came to Abuja to perform.”

He further said that having gone through the trial, Naira Marley will henceforth be more vocal in the advocacy for the adherence to the COVID-19 safety guidelines by all.

The Prosecutor, Chief State Council for the Government, Udeme Umanah, explained that the offenses have a minimum fine of N2,000 and then the court has its own jurisdiction to impose a N50,000 fine per count since he (Naira Marley) have admitted liability.

On his part, the Chairman, FCT Ministerial Task team on COVID-19, Attah Ikharo, said “I think for those of us in the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and those of us in the COVID-19 team, this has been a very long struggling matter. The himself today pleaded guilty that he broke the law and the Judge in her mercy was kind to give him N50, 000 per each of the four count charges.

“We are telling people that they should learn to obey the law and do what is right. Regardless of what you think you are, you are subject to law and even if you run far and think time has overtaken the process of justice, that is not true. You can see that after like two months now, he has been brought to face the law. We thank the security agencies, particularly the Nigerian Police for actually picking him up and flying him into Abuja for this prosecution.”

Source: The Nation

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Senator Buruji Kashamu would be buried on Sunday

The remains of Senator Buruji Kashamu would be buried on Sunday.

A statement by his Media Adviser Austin Oniyokor, said the late politician would be buried by 12noon in his Ijebu-Igbo residence in accordance with Islamic rites.

Coronavirus cases spike in Cuba - P.M. News

READ ALSO: BREAKING: Sen. Buruji Kashamu Lost his life to Corona- virus Complications

The 62-year-old died of COVID-19 on Saturday at First Cardiologist Hospital, Lagos.

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Sen. Buruji Kashamu Lost his life to Corona- virus Complications

Buruji Kashamu was a Nigerian politician who served as a Senator representing Ogun East in the 8th National Assembly and a businessman, Buruji Kashamu, dead, Saturday at the First Cardiology Consultants Hospital in Lagos, his friend and former colleague at the Senate, Ben Murray-Bruce, confirmed.

Appeal Court to hear FG, Kashamu extradition case February 8 | The ...

“I have just lost my good friend of forever to #COVID19. Until his death, Sen. Buruji Kashamu and I were inseparable. He died today at First Cardiology Consultants, in Lagos.

May his gentle soul rest in peace. I pray his family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this heavy loss,” Mr Murray-Bruce wrote on Twitter.

The cause of death was not immediately clear although the former lawmaker had been reported to have been ill from COVID-19, the deadly respiratory infection caused by the corona-virus.

Kashamu wants me jailed on trumped- up charges - PDP Chieftain

Nigeria has so far recorded over 45,000 infections since the pandemic broke out in February.

Mr Kashamu was the founder of Western Lotto Limited, one of Nigeria’s lottery operators.

He served as the senator representing ogun east in the eighth National Assembly and for years was wanted in the United States for alleged drug offenses. He always denied wrongdoing.

I Will Complete All On-Going And Abandoned Pojects In The State ...

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Cultural Dress: Ondo High sense of fashion and Style


Ondo is a town in Ondo state of Nigeria. Its one of the yoruba speaking town in Nigeria. Traditional clothe worn by Ondo people during occasion are Alaari, Sanyan and Etu. ... 

Vivimade Creationz: Ondo town Regional style of dress


One of the distinguishing features of the Ondo from the many the many ethnicity of the Yoruba tribe, is through their high sense of fashion in traditional outfits; through their employment of the Yoruba”aso-oke” in such ways as to create a distinct identity by making emphatic fashion statements in traditional haute-couture!


Vivimade Creationz: Ondo town Regional style of dress

ekimogun Instagram posts -

There are combinations of the above to make: “petuje, ogungun-elu, lodemeta, laliga, etc” For the Ondo man and woman, a well put together traditional “aso-oke” outfit at important functions, radiates an aura of sartorial elegance and a majesty of bearing that can only come with some cultural pride.

Culture And Tradition Of The Ogho (owo) Kingdom Of Ondo State ...

Ref: ekimogundescendant 

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Ways to make your husband sexually addicted to you..

I assume that you are reading this because you’ve met someone new and you want him to be #crazy for you.

The key here is to understand male psychology, and more specifically, a thing called the 'hero instinct'. This is what makes #men tick.

Applying this principle is how I was able to make my man pretty much obsessed with me both sexually and overall.

These tips are just to make him addicted to you #sexually.


Tease him. This is probably the biggest way to not only keep a man interested in you but keep him coming back for more. ...

Flirt with him. ...

Keep in touch. ...

Find out what turns him on. ...

Flaunt it. ...

Make sure he knows that you are attractive to other men. ...

Surprise him. ...


Be confident and maybe even a little bit bossy

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Yoni Pearl : Serious Side Effect of ''Virginal Detox"

Recently, I’ve had thousand of People asking me about yoni pearls. Is it safe? Does it really work ? Can I recommend it ?

As a blogger, can I recommend to readers ? I haven't even heard of yoni pearls, so I did some searching in other to find out more.

Below is what I found out about Yoni Pearls.

1. What are yoni pearls?
Yoni pearls are usually advertised as a vaginal detox or vaginal cleanse.

They contain multiple herbs wrapped in small net cloth “gems” or “pearls.” People use them by inserting them into the vagina, sometimes for over 24 hours.

People who sell yoni pearls claim that they treat a variety of health concerns.

These include “toxin buildup” from menstrual products or past sexual partners, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis (BV), and even fibroids and cysts.

Unfortunately, the truth is a bit more complicated.

2. Isn’t cleaning my vagina a good thing?
Actually, no.

Dr emphasized that there is no reason to “detox” your vagina or uterus. In fact, your vagina is self-cleaning!

Trying to change your natural vaginal environment will probably lead to more harm than good. Vaginas naturally have some bacteria in them—and this is a good thing! This bacteria actually protects your vagina from harmful infections and balances the pH.

When you try to “detox” your vagina (like with yoni pearls or vaginal douches), you’re killing this good bacteria. This eliminates your body’s natural defenses and throws your vagina’s bacterial balance out of whack.

3. Are yoni pearls safe?
No. Leaving things in your vagina for long periods of time is dangerous. Bacteria can build up on the objects, leading to a rare but very dangerous medical condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

You’ve probably been warned not to leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours because it could lead to TSS. But people selling yoni pearls recommend leaving them in for 24-72 hours, which is way longer! This is dangerous and could possibly lead to not only TSS, but also pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Plus, the roughness of the mesh cloth might scratch your vaginal wall (ouch!) and could lead to chronic irritation.

4. I’ve seen the photos of the discharge after using the pearls. Isn’t that a sign that they work?
Unfortunately, no. In the photo testimonies for yoni pearls, the thick grey discharge is labeled as a sign that it worked. But in reality, foul-smelling discharge that’s green, grey or yellow can be a sign of an infection. It’s not a sign that the yoni pearls worked, but that they irritated your vagina and may have even led to an infection.

The yoni pearl’s mesh cloth can introduce new bacteria to your vagina.

As the yoni pearl sits in your vagina, the new and old bacteria grow.

Vaginal discharge may build up. This can cause extra discharge and a foul smell. (If you’ve ever forgotten to take out a tampon for a day or two, you know what we’re talking about.) It can also lead to TSS or PID, as we mentioned above.

Another common side effect is cramping. When there’s something inside your vagina or uterus that your body thinks shouldn’t be there, the uterus contracts and tries to push it out. This is similar to a period, when the uterus is pushing out the blood and tissue. These contractions can cause painful cramps.

So, when you leave a yoni pearl inside your vagina for a long time, you may experience cramps as your body tries to push out the yoni pearl.

5. I did my research and the herbs in the ingredients have medicinal uses.

What’s the difference?
Natural herbs have been used as medicines for years. Even today, many primary ingredients in medications are made from plants and herbs.

However, just because they work when they’re swallowed or applied in skin creams (in specific, controlled doses) does NOT mean that they’re safe or effective when used in other ways (like inside your vagina).

Plus, yoni pearls have not been approved by the FDA. This means that we can’t be completely sure what’s actually in them.

6. I’m still concerned about my vaginal health. What should I do?
If you’re worried about your vaginal health, talk to a health care provider.

They can answer any questions you have about what’s normal and what’s not, and let you know if there’s anything you should be concerned about.

Keep in mind that…

Your vagina should smell like a vagina, NOT a flower.
Having some vaginal discharge is completely normal.

The color and consistency of it actually tells us about our vaginal health. Discharge that is clear or white and has the consistency of an egg yolk is completely healthy, and the majority of people experience it during ovulation every month.

To keep your vaginal biome healthy and balanced, don’t use douches or soap inside your vagina. Instead, use unscented soap on your outer labia (the part that grows pubic hair), and let water run over the rest..

What your own experience about Yoni Pearls???

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