Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Photo : Goddess Locs Braids Hairstyle

Goddess Local hair braids style always Helps Bring out the goddess in you , you can also rocks this and it will bring out natural beauty .
Hair @pearlthestylist_

Monday, 29 October 2018

Laura Ikeji Set To Buy Toke Makinwa’s Bag

Friday, 26 October 2018

Omotola Jolade Latest Style Alert 2018

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde graces this weeks Celebrity Style inspiration...

Actress,a wife and mother, a singer, an Amnesty International Activist , she doesn't joke with style & fashion... 

Here are the latest outfit ..

Jessica Simpson still rocking her old fashion boots and shirts she got as a teenager

Jessica Simpson still wears boots and shirts she purchased as a teenager.

The singer has been focused on expanding her Jessica Simpson Collection of fashion and accessories in recent years, with the brand developing into a billion-dollar retail empire.

While Jessica has to keep at the forefront of trends when designing for her company, she remains adamant that classic pieces never go out of style.

"My preferences have always remained the same: classic, all-American and effortless," she told Footwear News. "I still wear some of the same cowboy boots and flannel denim shirts that I have worn since I was a teenager. I believe great pieces stand the test of time and get better with age."

Jessica went on to explain that she looks to offer women a variety of clothes and accessories that make them feel "uniquely beautiful". In addition to her current ranges, she is also looking to delve into the beauty market further.

"We're getting ready to launch color cosmetics and a new fragrance, which is super-exciting because I love make-up," the 38-year-old divulged.

During the chat, Jessica also shared that she is again wearing the maternity outfits she designed for her brand during her pregnancies with her daughter Maxwell, six, and son Ace, five.

Last month, the blonde beauty and her husband Eric Johnson announced that they are expecting their third child, a girl.

"I am very creatively inspired right now," she smiled. "My most important project is always though being a mom and a wife. My kids are five and six now, and being their mom and Eric's wife are the best parts of my life. And my most current project, of course, is growing the baby in my belly. We can't wait to meet her."
Credit: wenn.com

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Honey for Weight Loss : 4 Super Benefit for Healthy Weight Loss

 Using Honey For Weight Loss:

 Honey has been known to be a great substitute for sugar, for Healthy lifestyle, you have to make a few changes ,especially when it comes to the food you eat. But it’s important to know all there is about it. How can you use honey for weight loss? Is it as healthy for real?

Here are few Super Benefit for Healthy Weight Loss.

1.  Sugar Free
Honey is sweetener that has no calories. A tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories. It does have a high sugar content so if you’re diabetic and have been told to watch your sugar intake, you should take less honey as well. Basically, this natural sweetener is still sugary and you should only take it in small amounts.

2. It’s better than sugar
Honey contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. So unlike the usual powdered sugar, honey offers you much more than just empty sweetness.You can use honey for weight loss because it contains other nutrients that can be beneficial to you, not just sugar.

3. Honey for weight loss is a good idea
If you want to keep your weight under control, yes, you should replace sugar with honey. It can also be helpful if you have high cholesterol as this is something many overweight people deal with. Honey has been shown to help reduce the density of harmful cholesterol in the system.

4. Honey can suppress your appetite
Research has found that when honey is taken instead of sugar, it can help to curb your sugar cravings. This means you’re less likely to snack on junk food when you use honey for weight loss.

Read more https://fashionstylesmakeup.blogspot.com/2018/10/labisi-presents-stunning-traditional.html

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Labisi Presents STUNNING Traditional Wedding Makeup Ideas ..

Faces by Labisi Presents STUNNING Traditional Wedding Makeup Ideas With ‘Her Bloom’ Look Book

Traditional wedding makeup ideas are here in their numbers for your eyes only! These stunning looks were created by Nigerian MUA, Faces by Labisi to make every bride feel like the one and only. And you get to pick first!

Traditional wedding makeup ideas are literally all over the internet. But when one of Nigeria’s most sought-after wedding makeup artist presents her own, you take it. No questions asked.

And we totally agree!
See the full look below and be inspired;

This traditional looks has been titled ‘Her Bloom‘ and literally mimics how radiant a bride is meant to look on her big day.
Speaking on the color story, she said;

The makeup shoot was “inspired by the celebration and appreciation of the expressive shift in the Nigerian makeup and beauty space. The Nigerian Woman and her sense of style and glamour have always been ultra sophisticated and over the top and “perfect”. Nothing out of place. But now, things are changing where beautiful doesn’t have to be “perfect”. The Elaborate, avant-garde head tie styles of our grandmothers coming back to play, where old is the new cool. Spontaneous with a modern twist is the new cool.

Labisi added, women “are beginning to see beauty is not what we were told was beautiful, but rather in what we say is beautiful. I wanted to celebrate that in how I see things- in colour and of course makeup!”

Makeup: Faces by Labisi | @FacesByLabisi
Photography: Felix Crown | @FelixCrown

Monday, 22 October 2018

Veteran Actress Sola Sobowale Looking "OH WOW" in her Classy Elegant Outfit.

Veteran Nollywood Actress sola sobowale Looking Classy Elegance in her beautiful Outfit , the actress has been known to be a stylish and fashion conscious woman..
The stylish is designed by a Popular Fashion designer Ceoluminee ...

                                Watch Video below

Thursday, 18 October 2018

See the blazers Meghan Markle Rocks from Serena williams Clothing Line

Serena Williams Has Perfect Reaction to BFF Meghan Markle Wearing Blazer from Her Clothing Line. In an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year, Serena Williams opened up about her new clothing line. “This collection is inspired by femininity and strength.

The collection features pieces with words such as “royal,” “be greater” and “slay” embroidered throughout. On the brand’s Instagram, they showed support of Markle wearing the blazer and encouraged all their customers to “be the ROYAL that YOU are” by shopping the Royal-themed collection.

Meghan and Williams have been besties ever since meeting at the 2010 Super Bowl where they immediately hit it off. They’ve supported one another’s endeavors ever since, including the royal wedding in May, where Williams was on-hand to support her friend on her big day.

This sweet nod to her bestie is actually the second sentimental thing Meghan’s worn on the royal tour. On the first day she accessorized with a pair of butterfly earrings which were previously worn by Princess Diana. According to fan account Meghan’s Mirror. Diana previously wore them during a trip to Canada on May 3, 1986 — a year after she gave birth to Harry.

She also wore a gold bracelet that belonged to her late mother-in-law, which Diana wore while visiting the Lord Gage Centre for Old People, a Guinness Trust Home, in Newham, East London in 1990.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

5 Maxi Dress Styles That Will Inspiration you

Maxi dress styles don’t have to stop at ‘boubou’ and kaftans. these eye-popping dresses. With them, you can ease off the week’s stress in style! Yes, style doesn’t have to take a lastseat!

By now, you already know we are always on the lookout for new style updates. A while back, we curated a list of maxi dress styles every lady should own

Maxi dresses are proving to be more useful than the fashion crowd thinks. Now, they come in handy for weddings and even the biggest events in the world.

Toke Makinwa Rocks Work-wear Chic In New Photos

Toke Makinwa
Once again the fashion messiah strikes! We bet no one could have seen this particular ensemble coming – like ever! Toke Makinwa is dripping in finesse in new pictures and we just can’t get

 Toke Makinwa is no greenhorn when it comes to putting the perfect outfit together (we have Harvella Styles to thank for that most times!) The entrepreneur never does any fashion piece wrong and she wears confidence like a bath robe – pretty much everyday slay!

Toke Makinwa
Instagram / Tokemakinwa

The baby girl for life club president is a vision in a loose fit chic white blazer dress with bottom pleats. Quite unusual right? Well, it doesn’t stop there as she pairs the look with matching white embellished Gucci sneakers. Toke Makinwa completes the look with a mini metallic Louis Vuitton purse, shades with studded accents and a well-laid centre part wig.

Toke Makinwa
Instagram / Tokemakinwa

This simple yet daring look could have gone south for many reasons. Yet, Toke pulls it off with so much grace and sass. Also, the fact that she twisted the vibe of such an essential workpiece is very commendable. So we give the fashionista props!

Since Toke has decided to bless everyone with work, not so work inspo, you can put your workwear to more use!

Monday, 15 October 2018

Owambe Style Inspiration: What do you think about this Style?

When it comes to style it’s all about  personality, as the whole idea of looking good is so that you would create a memory and also use it as your selling point.

Looking good they say is good business and so making people go “stunning” should be your aim.
At the Owambe parties, its all about looking beautiful, so as to be admired by all.

What do you think about this Style? 

Dress  @Feyikemiatinuke on instagram

Hairstyle:Four Stunning Box Braids to choose for your Next Style

Who's Ankara Outfit Inspires You Most ?

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Check out this : 10 Owambe Style Inspiration

Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing, fashion is something everyone is embracing now. Gone are the days that people didn’t give a damn of how they are looking . If you are a socialite or social media  person, you would have noticed that everybody is stepping up fashion idea. right now, i want to show you some few styles that would make you the party attention!

When I say “Party attention” it mean's, slay and lets all eyes on you. Now, it doesn’t have to be a party literally but really you have to slay anywhere you go!

Below are 10 styles that would make your outfit stand out anywhere you go. 
so guys what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some fabric and make these styles today! YES TODAY!

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