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Veteran Nollywood actor RMD celebrates 59 Years

Hurray! Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo aka RMD, clocks 59 today.

RMD, who has been a big inspiration to a lot of actors, took to social media to share sizzling hot photos to celebrate his day.

Sharing the dapper new photos of himself; RMD wrote; “59 and counting! Grateful! Thankful! #birthdayboy #2020nofallingofhand”

In another post, RMD wrote: “What a birthday this is turning out to be. I have to start saying thank you now for all the out pouring of love. Looks like you guys have posted the 59 photos already. Or should I go ahead and still post? I’m ready o!”

Mofe-Damijo was born in Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, near Warri, Delta State.

He attended Midwest College, Warri, and Anglican Grammar School and was a member of the Drama Club.

He enrolled in the University of Benin to continue his education and studied Theatre Arts.

In 1997 Mofe-Damijo returned to the university to study law at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2004.

Mofe-Damijo took part in a television soap opera in the late ’80s called Ripples. Before then, he had a stint with Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine as a reporter.

Mofe-Damijo was married to Nigerian journalist/publisher, May Ellen-Ezekiel. After her death in 1996, Richard Mofe-Damijo married TV personality, Jumobi Adegbesan, who later left TV for the corporate world.

Mofe-Damijo has four children: two with his current wife and two from his previous marriage.

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Reason I haven’t made millions in Nollywood – Moyo Lawal

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has stated that she would be at least a million dollars richer if the Nigerian film industry had better structures in place.

The Tinsel-star said this on Sunday when she shared a picture of herself making what looks like ‘amala’ on Instagram.

“It just reoccurred to me that, I have been working my ass off since before *I even became an adult *doing honest work ooooh ( if not that Nollywood is the way it is, somebody will have millions of dollars by now

Actress Moyo Lawal addresses nudity in open letter to God -

“But the society only recognizes and appreciates fully dressed women who are married (some with hidden dirty lives by the way) Then, why is that people just naturally assume that sexy females who are comfortable with their sexuality are promiscuous?” she asked.

“But the society only recognizes and appreciates fully dressed women who are married (some with hidden dirty lives by the way) Then, why is that people just naturally assume that sexy females who are comfortable with their sexuality are promiscuous?” she asked.

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“I didn’t know Hushpuppi to be a criminal, if I did I wouldn’t hang out with him- Daddy Freeze

I didn’t know him to be a criminal, if I did I wouldn’t hang out with him. And unless someone is proven guilty, I do not discriminate against them because the one who thought me Christianity, the one who I follow, Christ did not discriminate against anyone,” he said.

A popular broadcaster, Daddy Freeze, who came under intense criticism online for promoting alleged internet fraudster, Ramon Abass, also known as Hushpuppi, has defended himself Finally.

Speaking about his infamous interview with Hushpuppi, the broadcaster said he was in Dubai for a Cool FM event when Hushpuppi reached out to him.

Hushpuppi: Nigerians Blast Daddy Freeze For Promoting Fraudster

Nigerians called out the broadcaster on Twitter, following a mini-documentary on YouTube wherein he featured Hushpuppi.

In the video that has gone viral, the broadcaster could also be seen dining with Hushpuppi and mocking Nigerians who questioned his luxurious lifestyle on social media.

In the documentary, Hushpuppi was heard saying his driver collects more money in a month than a local government chairman in Nigeria.

Daddy Freeze said, “Hushpuppi’s driver earns #700,000 a month, you that are abusing him, you are doing houseboy work and you are collecting #35,000 you go on instablog to go and abuse Hushpuppi… Instead of you to beg Hushpuppi make he use your papa do driver.”

Addressing critics on Friday, Daddy Freeze said he never knew Hushpuppi to be a criminal but a social media influencer and that if he knew, he wouldn’t have hung out with him.

He said he had tweeted that he was in Dubai, Hushpuppi saw his tweet and invited him for dinner.

The 44-year-old OAP added that he does not support fraud in any way and he would not have done a video with Hushpuppi if he had a case in court.

“As of the time I did the video, which is eight months ago, he had no case. Even now, until he is proven guilty by a competent court, we have to sit down and wait and allow the court to do its work.

“While we were driving, he got calls from Gucci, he got calls from Versace, and he got calls from LV all wanting to host him and he says he is an influencer. He didn’t get calls from any hackers, at least while I was there, there was nothing suspicious,” he said.

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The Federal Government should Establish a Ministry Of Entertainment - Osita Iheme

Osita Iheme's biography and movies ▷

We need a ministry of entertainment, says Aki and Pawpaw star, Osita Iheme

AFRICA Magic Viewers Choice  Award-winning actor, Osita Iheme has called on the Federal Government to establish a ministry of entertainment for the creative industry.

“We need a ministry of entertainment where we can say if you have any problem go there and report, where the entertainment industry will be having budget every year just like education, security, agriculture,” Iheme said.

The nollywood actor advised that the ministry should function like other ministries in the Nigerian government with budgets rather than inaccessible loans.

“We need a budget for entertainment, we need a budget for the creative industry whereby the creative industry will be able to have their own budget every year that they can use to do whatever they want to do.”

The Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) made this known in a recent interview where he spoke on matters concerning the entertainment industry and way forward.

“We need them (Federal Government) to come and create that infrastructure for us because they keep bringing money but at the end of the day, some people in the industry can’t even access the money.

Bank will say bring this and that collateral, at the end of the day the main players of the industry can’t even access the money which they provide for the industry,” the comic actor began.

 Osita Iheme

Continuing, Iheme said, “Also a lot of people who are not even in the industry will just come up and register an entertainment business, go and pick the money or they have one way or the other to access this money or the structures.

People in the entertainment are suffering putting their money, a lot of people don’t have these structures to access this big loans, when you create these loans you have to create a platform where people can be able to access it, understanding the sector which you are providing the money for, understanding the people in that business, you don’t just keep the loan as normal loan’s whereby you would be requiring for some collateral you know that these people cannot provide and you want them to access the loan.

“By then the commercial banks will tell you to bring this and that, and you know this is a new business and people do not have that kind of structure you are requesting of them to do, they are still building up because this is what they started on their own.

So sometimes if they are providing all this money they should make sure the players are able to access it or even they can forget the money and use the money to build infrastructures inside the business so that technically we will be sound, financially we will be okay.”

Iheme insists that the Federal Government should give more unfettered attention to the creative industry. “Let them reduce referring creatives sectors to bank loans, many sectors who are not doing well like the creative sectors have their own ministry, there is a need for us to have our own ministry because we create a lot of jobs, we contribute and are the biggest employer of labour in the country.

A lot of people come out of school and don’t have anything to do, they fall into creative sector and they get employed, empowered, I am a living example of that and government need to look into it because there is a lot of money in it but because of the oil issue, they think that this industry is not making anything, no that’s wrong” said Osita.

On how the entertainment industry has evolved over the last decade, he said: “I can say we are doing great even though we need some financial and technical support, even though we have been clamoring for the government to come in; we are not calling the government to come and bring in money, we are calling the government to come in and help us in building some infrastructures, help us in developing studios because we started this thing by ourselves, we hustled, made money and started shooting movies”.

He, however, noted that though cinemas are springing up in the country but a majority of them are private sector-driven, making it difficult for movie directors and producers to interact because the cinema owners want to make their money adding that it will be more accessible if the government-owned some of such avenues.

He also advised the government to make available structures like cinemas, studios where creatives can shoot films rather than ‘jumping around peoples house trying to get locations’ and give credence to the entertainment industry so that ‘big boys’ in the country will invest in the entertainment industry.

Osita is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most prominent actors, he was often typecast in the role of a child. In 2003 he rose to fame when he starred together with Chinedu Ikedieze in the comedy film Aki na Ukwa in which he played the role of Pawpaw.

In this role, Iheme played a mischievous child. He has played the role of a child in many of his films but later has adopted more mature roles.

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Chioma Rowland, fiance to singer Davido, reacted to the rumors of domestic violence going round on social media

Chioma reacts to domestic violence issues with Davido

Checkout These Breathtaking New Photos Of Davido's Girlfriend, Chioma |  Melanin beauty, Beauty, Hair styles

In a post shared via her Instagram, the celebrity chef debunked all the alleged domestic violence rumors, stating that the singer has never touched her.

Davido and his fiancee, Chioma [Instagram/DavidoOfficial]
Chioma reacts to domestic violence issues with Davido

She wrote:

“I know you guys absolutely love to spread all sorts of rumors and stories for your entertainment and I’ve known from Day 1 what to expect from blogs and the internet especially with myself and family being in the public space,’

“I have never once come out to respond to any blogger or react to any rumor mongers before as quite frankly it has never been my nature to engage in online battles or pay too much mind to social media.”But I must say I have found quite disturbing the stories of domestic abuse between myself and David and for once feel a need to speak up.

Domestic violence and abuse is NO JOKE and not something to ever take lightly. Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home. He has never in his life lifted a finger to touch me and I have never so much as even pushed him.

“I believe with everything we peddle as human beings whether offline or online, we should have a bit of fear of God more so when speaking on things we know absolutely nothing of. I’m not sure where in the world such stories have started from, but I want to ensure everyone showing concern whether fake or real, that such has never and will never happen.”

She went to announce that if the rumors of domestic violence in their relationship continues to spread, the necessary legal actions will be taken against the sponsors of such news.

“Further, we do not take such allegations of abuse lightly at all and if such persists then we will be jointly taking up action against the perpetrators of these disgusting rumors.”

“To the beautiful young ones out there, never ever allow a man to lay his hands on you while you keep quiet. If you were ever to suffer such, ensure you SPEAK UP! With all that is going on in the world right now, we most certainly can not sit around and condone or encourage women to condone such!”

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Omoni Oboli narrates how her driver helped her

Image result for omoni oboli

The 41-year-old Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, film director, producer, and trained digital filmmaker Omoni Oboli narrates how her driver helped her while on set.

The mom of 3 and maker of ‘Moms at war, Wives on strike and Okafor’s Law’ said she was hungry and couldn’t get food from the dispatch rider meant to deliver their food and her driver bought delicious meat pie for her.

Omoni who was hesitant about having the snack was surprised at how nice it tasted after downing the snack. She shared her testimony on Twitter.

Omoni Oboli

 · 1h
Having location issues today on this shoot so just sitting in the car trying to get solutions. I complain about how hungry I am (we can’t reach dispatch driver bringing our lunch. When it rains it pours 😩) I didn’t even have breakfast so the hunger na die...

Omoni Oboli

My driver excuses himself and comes back with hot steaming meat pie! Tomi reminds him I don’t really eat meatpie. He says ‘why don’t you try it first’ ladies and gentlemen! The meatpie was slamming or was it the hunger? 🤷🏽‍♀️Either way, it’s the little things 🙏🏾

2:52 PM - Mar 11, 2020
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The Nollywood actor, Saidi Balogun finally shared more light on the social media troll alleged by his Junior Colleague Actress Tayo Sogbola attempting to drag Saidi Balogun name in the Mud by accusing him of introducing her to a scammer, named IDRIS BELLO. 

In the recent chats with Saidi Balogun by Ara news for investigating the Story, Saidi Balogun responded that he wasn't involved in any scam rather, he was also a victim of the Scam and he would have ignored the issue but he realized keeping quiet would further fuel the misconceptions.

Read Saidi Balogun Response Below

Firstly, I wasn't involved in any scam rather, I'm equally a victim. This is not a decision to hate or indict anyone but to clear things up.

A man named IDRIS BELLO came to me a few weeks ago and introduced a Hajj trip package. I wasn't interested initially until he showed me a copy of my colleague IBRAHEEM  CHATTA'S advert. I was convinced knowing how well Chatta is very versed on religion and Islamic matters, so I decided to give it a shot.

A few days later, he pleaded with tears in his eyes that I should get some of my other colleagues in the industry to buy into the traveling packages, he further explained that he had invested 20million naira already on the project and he was running into a huge loss.

His story seemed convincing, so I decided to encourage him by introducing MUSTAPHA  SHOLAGBADE (versed in Islam)and SHOTAYO SHOGBOLA to his package.

During his birthday at Oriental hotels Victoria Island, where he proposed to his fiancee in the presence of my self  Lateef Oladimeji, Ibraheem Chatta, Shotayo, Mustapha.

 The gathering gave me a total conviction that the man is up to the task. I felt that if he could bring us all under one roof in one day, he might be able to pull bigger jobs. I guess I was wrong.

 I decided to run an advert for his package which he paid like 0.5% of the deal and complained there was little or no turnout,  I believed him and took further steps.

Before I knew it he had collected money from these people, he equally collected two hundred thousand naira from me when he claimed he had problem asides two other people which he promised to give free trip from Ibadan.

 Approximately, he took over four hundred thousand naira (400k) even after he had promised them a free trip, the two people came to me that they had no money for international passport, which I fund them from my pocket to do the intl passport, aside that, I also bare the cost of there trip from Ibadan to Lagos and the hotels with feeding on account of my goodwill.

After I had done all these expenses, Idris ran to me again, that he had issues he wants to solve, my self and Ibrahim Chatta came to his rescue and I am also aware Ibraheem also borrowed him 200k.

Along the line, Shotayo said she was no longer interested. But a week after I heard that the people  Shotayo told earlier paid, which left me to confuse and shocked.

Unknowingly we got to the boarding plane only to find out that the booking he claimed he had made was not reflecting. He didn't show up with the two other people's passport/Visa either. Right there, we were left with two options either to report to the authorities or escalate the matter via social media platforms.

 My self and Ibrahim Chatta decided to let the matter rest and let  God judge our actions according to intentions while we ponder on the next line of action. But later we thought of other victims that were involved who may not be willing to take such step because of the amount involved.

So, we set two options for ourselves either to go as a group to complain to the Authorities which others obliged or individual take it up and once there is a need to report to the Authorities we all make ourselves available.

Mustapha Sholagbada told me Sotayo had reported the matter to the police and she had collected a letter from Higher Authorities, which make me at peace that all is in control,

And each time Shotayo reports me to people, I try as much as possible to call but she declined to speak to me and never returned my calls. I don't hold this against her because I reasoned she might be angry. I was totally alarmed to see my name being dragged on social media for sins I never committed.

When has it become a crime to make a referral for colleagues? When we know that referral is the
life wire of entertainers. My intention for bringing my colleagues on board was clear and noble as I never knew it would end this way.

Nevertheless, necessary investigations are still going on and we will alert the public as things unfold.

In conclusion
I will advise the public to beware of fake journalists who for their selfish interests do copy and paste without proper investigation. Only God knows how many lives and career have been ruined to such a heinous act.

In God I trust!

Wizkid Has Turned A Bad Boy Now — Tiwa Savage

Wizkid’s Bestie, Tiwa Savage has revealed that the gentle looking singer has become ‘wild’ over the years.

Tiwa Savage who recently signed a deal with Universal Music came across a Pepsi advert of herself and Wizkid that was everywhere years ago and she had something to say.

The big billboard advert for Pepsi displayed a young Wizkid and herself. While admiring the adverts, a man who accompanied Tiwa asked her ‘how many years ago is this, look at wizkid, look at how young he is’

Wizkid, Tiwa Savage

In a swift response, Tiwa Savage said the singer looked innocent, but now he’s a bad boy!

See Pictures from Kylie Jenner’s ”Kylieskin” launch

Kylieskin by Kylie Jenner

Kylie cosmetics boss, entrepreneur and Tv star Kylie Jenner has launched her skincare brand with the brand name as ”Kylieskin”.

The products are 6 skin routine creams and they include Foaming Face Wash, Vanilla Milk Toner, Walnut Face Scrub, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, and Vitamin C Serum.

Kylie’s family and her friends were present at the May 22nd, 2019 event. See some pictures below and read Kylie’s write up here:

FIRST DROP 💦 6 products suitable for all skin types. Foaming Face Wash, Vanilla Milk Toner, Walnut Face Scrub, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, & Vitamin C Serum! Watch my stories & follow @kylieskin for more info on these amazing products! 💗 launching 5/22 #KYLIESKIN

she also wrote:

skincare and makeup go hand in hand and Kylie Skin was something I dreamt up soon after Kylie Cosmetics. I’ve been working on this for what feels like a lifetime so I can’t believe I’m finally announcing! building my makeup line from the ground up has taught me a lot and I’m so blessed with that knowledge to apply to my brand new company! Birthing a whole new team, manufacturing, fulfillment, etc separate from my cosmetics line was challenging but here we are! I got the best of the best for you guys! Everything is cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, paraben and sulfate free and suitable for all skin types. Make sure you follow @kylieskin to stay updated. I’ll be revealing these amazing products very soon! the official launch date is 5/22! Yay!! so much love went into this. it all starts with skin. Stay tuned 💕 can’t wait to share. #KylieSkin


Kris Jenner
Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner

Actor Chris Attoh New wife has been shot Dead.

 The New wife of Ghanaian actor ,Chris Attoh has been shot dead .  44-year-old Bettie Jenifer in the head in the parking lot of a Maryland office building on Friday.

Jenifer, who recently got married to Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, had left the office in the 6300 block of Ivy Lane, and was walking to her car, when a man armed with a handgun approached her, the Greenbelt Police Department said. . 

When she tried to run away, the man followed her and fired off multiple rounds, with at least one shot striking her. He then fled in a vehicle. She was declared dead at the scene.

The killer was described as black and having a thin build with black hair. He was wearing dark clothing and may have been in a blue car.

The couple married in October 2018, shortly after Chris divorced his first wife and actress,Damilola Adegbite. 

Last week, Chris deleted all of Bettie’s photos on his Instagram page,sparking speculation their marriage was on the rocks. 

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