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Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Four Best Places To Visit In Kaduna, Nigeria

Kaduna, in the Northern part of Nigeria, boasts of visitors that come in troops to get in tune with nature and wildfire.

Nicknamed the “Crocodile City” because of the crocodile symbols that adorn the state, it is one of the oldest created states with secret destinations that you do not want to miss.

Kajuru Castle. Photo findingae

Likened to a fairytale, the castle is one of the most beautiful castles you can imagine. The European-style castle takes an adventurous climb on the hills around it to get to it. Reward yourself with a warm swim in the pool and take a tour as you search for your sleeping beauty who remains hidden in the castle.

Looking for a waterfall in Nigeria to have fun in? You do not want to miss the Matsirga waterfalls. The waterfalls come to life when it rains. You can enjoy the waterfall by sitting on the rock shelter at the river bank.

Nok Art. Photo credit rfi

Nok is known around the world as one of the oldest civilizations in the world which dates back to the Iron Age. Yet, their terracotta sculptures remain intact. Nok is filled with a rich history. Get in touch with your roots as you visit the Nok settlers’ home and get a first-hand experience of Nok culture and arts.

Kofar Gamji

Also known as the Usman Katsina Park, the Kofar Gamji is the first amusement park in Kaduna and the most visited during special celebrations. Measuring about 7,000 square metres, it was initially created as a garden. It boasts of orchards, mangroves and beautiful green landscape. It is also home to a minizoo.

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