Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Omoni Oboli narrates how her driver helped her

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The 41-year-old Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, film director, producer, and trained digital filmmaker Omoni Oboli narrates how her driver helped her while on set.

The mom of 3 and maker of ‘Moms at war, Wives on strike and Okafor’s Law’ said she was hungry and couldn’t get food from the dispatch rider meant to deliver their food and her driver bought delicious meat pie for her.

Omoni who was hesitant about having the snack was surprised at how nice it tasted after downing the snack. She shared her testimony on Twitter.

Omoni Oboli

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Having location issues today on this shoot so just sitting in the car trying to get solutions. I complain about how hungry I am (we can’t reach dispatch driver bringing our lunch. When it rains it pours 😩) I didn’t even have breakfast so the hunger na die...

Omoni Oboli

My driver excuses himself and comes back with hot steaming meat pie! Tomi reminds him I don’t really eat meatpie. He says ‘why don’t you try it first’ ladies and gentlemen! The meatpie was slamming or was it the hunger? 🤷🏽‍♀️Either way, it’s the little things 🙏🏾

2:52 PM - Mar 11, 2020
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Drug harmfulness is the degree to which a psychoactive drug is harmful to a user and is measured in various ways, such as by addictiveness and the potential for physical harm.

Mainland Senior High School Fadeyi walk against Drugs and Curbing the menace of Drugs in our society

It's was amazing as the students of the School walk against Drug abuse with some of there teachers around Fadeyi axis... 

The walk was about the Effect of Drugs abuse in someones Life and reasons to stay away from drugs, the walk against was in conjunction with Trauma Savers Life support Foundation a non-profit organization that is intended to help Youths (girls/boys) who have major issues with drug/marijuana misuse. 

Trauma Savers Life support Foundation program is designed to support children, youth and adult who face significant adversity through their thoughts, feelings, behaviors due to drugs led by Mrs. Yinka Olaiya. The Trauma savers life support Foundation Representative was also present today at the Walk against Drugs with Mainland Senior Secondary Fadeyi Lagos .

Together we walk and curb the menace of drugs in our society.


Mainland senior secondary school Fadeyi Lagos...


Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Boy arrested after beheading a lady for N150k in Akwa Ibom

A young boy has been arrested for allegedly beheading a woman popularly called Mma Iko Mbakara in Oku-Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

The sad incident occurred this morning. The deceased was said to be on her way to the farm to harvest some cassava, when she was accosted by the suspect and decapitated.

His luck, however, ran out, as he was apprehended by the youth of the village who later handed him over to the police. .
At the station, he was said to have revealed that someone hired him to help get a human head for N150,000.  

Source - instablog9ja

Friday, 28 February 2020

Trauma Savers Life Support Foundation sets to Launch Be The Change Club

Trauma Savers Life Support is deemed to be a non-profit organization that is intended to help Youths (girls/boys) who have major issues with drug/marijuana misuse.
The program is designed to support children, youth and adult who face significant adversity through their thoughts, feelings, behaviors due to drugs.  
This is a program for the complete abstinence from all drugs. 
There is only one term to membership: The Desire To Stop Using. They have no initial fees or dues, no pledges. Anyone may join  regardless of age, religion or lack of religion.

Therefore, Trauma Savers Life Support Foundation sets to Launch Be the change club as well as Movie premiere and Award Giving to best schools and students who did well in there exams during the Drug Abuse....

The President Of Trauma Savers Life Support Foundation Cordially Invites to the Movie Premiere


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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

#Streambathing : When would Some Celestial parishes do away with the old customs and embrace a new orientation..

This is an interesting message for agency of Human Right Abuse in Nigeria..

Is this manner of spiritual exercise, practiced by a Superior Evangelist of Celestial Church of Christ, projecting the church’s image in a good light?

What would be the future of this victim of circumstances whose picture of her is being circulated all over the internet? 

Bathing in the stream has been a dangerous trend than before because evil people also perform such ritualism, it is not advisable to perform such spiritual exercise with knowledge of danger.

Many cases have been reported that some Shepherds have lost their lives in the process of practicing such exercise.

The interesting part of this scenario is the fact that the majority of people castigating Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe’s preaching approaches, against bathing in the stream, are the ones such an absurd practices shown in an above picture, and projecting Celestial Church of Christ in a negative manner.

Over the years, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe been anchoring a new transition of religious innovation that discourages bathing in a stream to receive miracles and deliverance from such spiritual exercise.

He believes anyone who dedicates his or her live to God through worships praises, prayers, and fasting will surely experience the manifestation of God’s power to receive uncommon miracles that are very hard to believe. 

This kind of approach has become one of the foundations of Genesis Global’s growth, and as they follow it, it has bred results and miracles that look like magic.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

What to know about Balogun Abimbola Aina Florence.

Balogun Abimbola Aina Florence is a Fast Arising Movie Actress, which have been in the Nollywood Industry for Over 5 years.

Apart from been an actress , she is also a member of Saidi Balogun Global Film Production and a member of The golden movie Ambassadors of Nigeria.. 

She as Features in many Films like: Awele Mi, Ibitayo, Goriola, Ifetundun, Iya ' be , Ibitayo, Chosen one an English movie, Lies , affection and so many more...

Below are Photos of Balogun Abimbola Aina Florence with colleagues in the Nollywood industry 

To know more about Balogun Abimbola Aina Florence Follow and add her on her social media handles.

Facebook - Abimbola Balogun 

Instagram - Abimbolabalogunainaflorence

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

CAF 2023: Ivory Coast Signs 2.5b Euros Olympic Village Project Deal.

Towards hosting the successful year 2023  Confederation of African Football (CAN/ CAF) competition, Ivory Coast has commenced preparation for the building of a world-class Olympic village.

Towards this end, the Ivory Coast government has signed an agreement with a Dutch support body, International Service  Group (ISG)  to build a world-class village to ensure quality Africa's football fiesta in the country.

ISG is a Dutch organization that is committed to building infrastructure and supporting any public and private organizations in Africa.

The construction of the village is fixed at 2.05billion Euros.

The signing of the agreement to commence the construction of the village took place in the capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan in December 2019.

The commercial Director of ISG, Mr. Mike Tuinstra signed the agreement with Ivory coast minister of sports, Hon. Paulin Claude Danho in the presence of the ISG team who were present in the country for the finalization and signing of the project.

The minister of sports in the country commended ISG for the gesture and assured that the construction of the Olympic village will enhance quality tournaments for all the participating countries.

The international Service Group is an EPS+F service provider that finances Africa infrastructure projects in the public and private sector through an all-inclusive EPC+F model with its partners who are mainly large construction companies, top banks, and Insurance companies.

ISG works with international management and experienced team in the office and on location to create jobs and reduce poverty throughout Africa with a win-win approach.

Mr. Mike Tuinstra is responsible for the funding and execution of the project in the portfolio of ISG.

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